14 hours and 32 Minutes

Come along with me as I share our journey to the sunshine state, well I hope their is sunshine this year. We are headed to kick off the world of outlaws season. I am so excited I am able to travel more this year. I started 2016 saying I wanted to blog more and start a blog for DB3Imaging as he chases his dream of photography in auto racing. 

We left Westlake, Ohio at around 12:10am. I really tried to stay awake for a little bit. I eventually fell asleep and work up at about 2:30am. So not much sleep, the weather is terrible. 

2:55am we celss the state border into West Virginia. The snow has the highway covered. We can barely see the 500 feet in front of us! The radar shows snow for miles and miles. I am about to take over driving. Stay tuned for more! 

3:30am I started driving, Dave got super tired and needed a break. (Driving late at night is hard work). 😉 I had some awesome music during my shift. Sirius XM 90s on 9 was on point. At about 8:30am Dave woke up and he started ro drive because I was getting so tired. Sometimes it’s hard to live on the road. I am not on the road that often, but when I am it is exhausting. I give every wife, girlfriend and family credit (But we will get into that in another post.) I fell right to sleep and woke up around 10:30 am. We grabbed breakfast at Cracker Barrel. At this point we are in South Carolina. 

11:30 am we are back on the road and heading toward Georgia. I decided rather then procrastinate I would work on some stats homework. Around 1:00pm I decided to take a nap. 

2:00pm woke up and read some interesting articles, Johnny Manziel with his ex girlfriend, Nascar’s new plan, etc. We are in Georgia on I-95. It is 2:39pm and we getting gas. It’s funny my friend Jenn and her family flew and we left before them and they are there already. 😂 I love the road trips, as long and as exhausting that they are, we make memories along the way. 

We are back on the road, our entertainment at the gas station was The Darlington speedway jet dryer! 😂 

3:14pm are now at the Florida Georgia Line, they should name a band after that! 🤔 Finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Well we made a pit stop in Jacksonville to see Jacksonville Jaguars Stadium. Pretty cool! 

It’s 5:06 pm and we are 15 minutes away from then hotel! I apparently am the worst passenger ever, I need a grab bar. People drive insane in Florida. 

We have arrived! So happy to finally be here! Can’t believe we made it! ☀️🌴 

Now let the green flag to a week of racing begin! 


A taste of summer

Summer is here and nearly gone already. I had planned, talked about, and looked forward to this summer. My brother’s wedding kicked off the summer. It was a wonderful event. Such a magical day for my brother and his wife. I cannot believe it is over and I have a sister- in – law. I cannot even begin to think about how to plan a wedding. I am tired of all the weddings. I have one more this summer and I am done till my friend get’s married next summer! Summer just is flying by and after my brother’s wedding things just got even busier.

I started working a lot more after my brother’s wedding. I was teaching swim lesson at our outdoor pool back home. I really needed money, because in July my car gets paid off (but who is counting down the days?) Just think now that my car is paid off I have 99,000 miles on it, it’s time for a new one! (I am not looking forward to it) I worked for a few weeks and we then went into Ohio Sprint Speed Week!

Ohio Speed Week is one of my favorite weeks of the year. Always falls at the end of June. It always seems to go by so fast. The first races starts at Attica Raceway Park.  I finally got the meet Bryan Clauson and  Lauren Stewart’s dogs Chevy and Stewart. They are adorable, and so fun to be around.  The race was a lot of fun, and of course Dale Blaney won. I skipped Saturday and Sunday’s races. Saturday’s race was at Eldora Speedway. I had to babysit and needed extra money so I had to skip. Sunday’s race was on father’s day so I stayed home to spend time with Dad. Even if dad wasn’t feeling well. Greg Wilson won this race. So happy for him. They head to Waynesfield raceway park. I skipped it due to father’s day. Haudenschild won. Monday is one of my favorite races of the year, Wayne County. It honestly is a fun track and I had a blast. Unfortunately the 89 team didn’t have very good success, Haudenschild won again! Tuesday’s race for speed week is Sharon Speedway. I did not go to this race, I had no money, so I had a girls night with my friend Sarah. Dale Blaney won. Wednesday is Atomic Speedway, Dale Blaney won of course. Thursday they headed into Fremont Speedway where Greg Wilson won again. The rest of the week go rained out, So that gave Greg Wilson the ohio sprint speed week championship.

After Speed week we head right into the Month of Money. But first 4th of July. Unfortunately I have not been to race yet this month. But the biggest events of July are happening in just a short few days. I love this week of summer.

Brad Doty Classic and The Kings Royal here we come!

Green flag at IMS

So I spent Memorial day weekend in Indianapolis, IN for the Indianapolis 500. I arrived Thursday evening and I immediately wanted to get food. Dave and I ended up eating at IHOP. Friday is what is called carb day at IMS. I decided to sit that out and stay back. I didn’t have credentials anymore so it would of been $30.00 and the Indycars were only practicing for 4 hours. I am however very jealous of everyone with Jonathan Byrd’s racing because they got to meet the guys from Deadliest Catch (DB3 had no idea who they even were). We decided to head downtown for the evening, we ended up paddle boating down the canal and eating at a restaurant called champions. Cavs won so that’s always a positive to my weekend.

Saturday was actually a free day for DB3 and I. We ended up going to USAC race at Lucas Oil Raceway. It was so cool to see the nonwing cars. Never seen them on asphalt. Was a great experience. While we were there the Indianapolis 500 parade was going on. I wish I could of gone but it wasn’t cheap. So after asphalt racing we ended up going downtown we tried going to Dick’s Last Resort and ended up hating it. So we went to Rock Bottom Brewery, was a fabulous restaurant and I would recommend it to anyone going into downtown Indianapolis. We had to be in bed early so that we could get up early because Sunday was Indy 500 day!

2:00am rolls around and it is time to get up and get ready, it’s Indy 500 day! I cannot believe this day is finally here. I was a little bummed because I knew going into the day I was going to spend a lot of time alone. So we left the hotel around 3:30am, we needed to get gas and we both wanted some caffeine because it was so early in the morning. Saturday night I found out that only one parking lot was going to be for free the rest you had to pay for. So we made sure we were downtown in time to get free parking. Luckily Dave had his pit and garage pass which got us in early. So we ended up getting in early and heading down to hospitality so we could eat breakfast (well dave could anyway). I am not much of breakfast person. So Dave and I walked around for a little bit. He ended up having to go do stuff at the garage so I went by the Pagoda and waited for him. We then went and walked around the Chevy tents and got free t-shirts. Once that was done we saw where I was going for my seats during the race after that Dave needed to go so I spent the remainder of the day alone.

9:30am and my phone is at 50% this day is going terrible. So I just sat around most of the time until 11:30am and then I decided to head to my seats. Honestly they are great seats however the fact that I had no camera or form of communication at this point really did suck. I didn’t know anyone sitting around me, so it wasn’t much fun. Bryan crashed at around lap 80ish, so then I got down from my seats to go look for dave. I was actually really upset, Dave was no where I had no cell phone it was an emotional hot day. 

After the race Dave and I ended up getting changed and cleaned up and we went to bw3 for dinner. I honestly wanted to watch the Cavs. It was such a good game too. Very intense. 

Monday it was raining, so we were going to go to Lawrenceburg for the World of Outlaws race. Got rained out. 

Next up for the summer, My brother’s wedding. 

Journey to Indianapolis

So lately I have spent more time in a car then I have at home. I love it! I would love to live on the road.  Saturday I traveled to Indianapolis to see qualifying. It ended up getting rescheduled due to weather for Sunday so I didn’t miss a thing. Was a very stressful day though. Bryan Clauson a local guy from Noblesville, IN is who Dave is taking photos for at The Indianapolis 500. Bryan went out 9th to qualify. He qualified 9/9 so far, he ended up qualifying 33rd with one more to go. Luckily that last car had problems all day. So Bryan qualified 33rd to start the Indy 500. Dave, Sean, and I decided we needed to celebrate him qualifying for the Indy 500.    Monday was practice, I was a very sneaky person and used Dave’s cressentials. I ended up sitting on Pit Road for practice. Coolest experience, and I thought being in the infield for a sprint car race was cool.     Tuesday I had to come home to work Tuesday night and today. So that’s were I am, driving to Indianapolis! Started out on route 83, that was the music of Mamma Mia, Hairspray, Highschool Musical, and Journey. of course I had to pee once I to 71-S. So I took a potty break and got myself a cranberry redbull.  The trip has been pretty smooth. I passed my exit I would take to go to The Jindras’. So I texted them hi. I would of stopped had I left earlier.  I got to 270 and once I get passed Columbus, OH I am then halfway to Indy. However the downside to everything is construction.  I am now on I-70 w. So much construction every where it drives me insane! I am still 2 hours away from Indy, but about 1 hour from the border. My goal was border by sunset. I made pretty good time. Fall Out Boys Uma Thurman just came on!!!  As I travel and jam to music I am also checking race monitor. USAC is racing the Hoosier Hundred! 100 laps! Holy moly! Greatest news ever just came in! Dave’s family is moving back from California!!!! I can finally meet his brother Jon, Caren, and his Dad (we don’t get along lately, but I will try to be better).  99 miles to go.  Officially crossing the Ohio-Indiana border!  Well I am 13 minutes to my destination!!!!!!  I have made it to the hotel. I really have to pee.  And now I wait for Dave to get here from the Hoosier Hundred race he attended at the state fairgrounds. Until then I will read more of my book, Hunger Games: Mockingjay. Determined to finish this book.  Tomorrow is Carb day, and not food carb day. It’s the name of the day at IMS! I am glad I finally made it. I do not want to drive a car or sit in a car for awhile. That will be short lives because I may go tomorrow to carb day. I haven’t decided. I really just want to relax for once.  Until next time.

Hello Summer, 2015!

Before I dive into Summer 2015, Let me take some time to introduce myself. My name is Samantha, people call me Sam. I am a 27 year old nursing student at Cuyahoga Community College. Westlake, Ohio is my hometown, born and raised. I am a crazy animal lover, I have one dog name Sadie and a cat named Roxy. I spend a lot of time especially weekends throughout the year at the race track, but I never once complain about it! I even manage to go to nursing school and work!!! I am very lucky to call the photographer Dave Biro III of DB3Imaging mine. I grew up traveling all over because of my brother’s crazy travel baseball schedules, and I can’t imagine my life without travels. I am going to write to you all about my crazy busy lifestyle, and give people a perspective from inside nursing school and traveling in racing. So sit down as I wave the checkered flag to begin this journey.

So let’s begin with the plans I will have for the summer of 2015! Being with a traveling photographer has its perks, I get to go places and do things I never thought possible. Now I wish we could travel like most racecar drivers to the warm climates during the winter months, but I think I would miss the cold and snow. So let’s go back and review what 2015 has been like. Dave and I rang in the new year with my parents at home. We went to dinner at Olive Garden and we just watched Taylor Swift in Times Square. That is one trip we have on our bucket list, to watch the ball drop in New York City. But that’s a long time coming. After the new year there was a race in Yuma, Arizona called the winter heat. Dave and I want to hit this next year, and I can’t complain about the warm weather I would be in. Dave went to Chili Bowl this year, I haven’t been able to make it there because my semester is always starting that week of school. Spent that entire week trying to find someone with Direct TV just so I could watch Chili Bowl on tv. Sadly I ended up babysitting so I couldn’t watch it at all. I followed along on twitter so I could keep current with the events taking place. I was rooting for Bryan Clauson, but was happy to see Rico Abreu get the win. After Chili Bowl Dave came home and we got to spend some time together before The World of Outlaw Sprint Cars started their season. This year Dave couldn’t go Volusia, he was quite sad but we were able to watch it on Dirt Vision.

I started my 2nd semester of Nursing School in January 2015. I knew this semester was going to be hard, but hard doesn’t compare to how it actually was. I spent winter break studying and reading things for the upcoming semester. Luckily my clinicals at Hillcrest Hospital got cancelled the first week because our instructor was ill. The semester started off rough, my first exam was really rough. A lot of people didn’t do well. The way the teachers test us in first semester is completely different then this semester. So I started off rough, and in nursing school or any school I would imagine it is hard to play catch up. So I went into the 2nd exam which I didn’t do any better on. I decided to switch my studying up and do something different, because what I was doing before was not working for me. Went in to the third and fourth test and did great! The fifth test I did not do well at all. The 6th test I got the best grade of the semester. So that left me 28 points I could miss on my final. Seems easy right? To my dismay it was hard to study 31 chapters in 2 weeks for my final.

The week of my final was a terrible week. Monday started off finding out that my car was missing the passenger mirror. My final was Tuesday, and my nerves were terrible. I walked out of my exam feeling as if I failed. Wednesday I was working on the onesie I made for Jenn, Nixon was going to be styling at the races. Thursday I got the grade that I missed passing the semester by 5 points. I was devastated.

To start May off we went to Eldora Speedway. Friday was a lot of fun. Donny Schatz won night 1. On the way to the hotel our friends car broke down. I felt so bad but part of me was so exhausted and just wanted to get to the hotel. The next day it rained all afternoon. The pits were filled with mud and they were really cold. We left the race track at 12:30am. I drove all the way home, I didn’t get home till 4:30am.

Now our plans for the summer are just this. We are going to the Indianapolis 500. Dave is taking photos for Bryan Clauson who is driving for Jonathan Byrd Racing. I am really excited it has been a dream to go the race and now my dream is coming true. Nastia Liukin is going to be the grand marshall for the race. But until I get to go to Indy this weekend, I need to get some cleaning done for my brother’s wedding. So that’s where we are at.

Until next time!