May the Fourth be With you

star wars

I can remember years ago being what felt like the only person to have never seen a movie from the series Star Wars. People would call you un-American. I generally just brushed it off . A couple years ago I decided to check out these movies and see what they were about. Little did I know I would fall in love with one of the greatest series to hit the theaters.

I can honestly say that I became a fan of this popular movie series. I anxiously await that next movie to arrive. Right now we are all awaiting the newest movie to hit theaters this December. It will be the final movie of this original series. The one thing about Star Wars is the what is now labeled as Star Wars day. May 4th is considered Star wars day and is a huge day in poplar culture. Popular culture is referring to those cultural products that most share and know about, including television, music, videos, and popular magazines (Martin & Nakayama, pg. 365, 2018).

A day where people capture the essence of the day. Fans of the show dress up as their favorite characters. Individuals may even go as far as having, “May the Fourth be With You” parties to bring together individuals who have the same love for the series. Movies theaters are now starting to take part and allowing access to the certain movies around this time every year. Communities are have started having festivals to bring people together.

Culture Industries are industries that produce and sell popular culture as commodities (Martin & Nakayama, pg. 366, 2018). It was not until about five or six years ago that Star Wars was owned by The Disney Corporation. Disney is the number one corporation within cultural industries. They have bought multiple companies such as Lucasfilms that produced Star Wars. Disney has furthered Star Wars and has helped it increase sales each and every year a movie is produced. They release memorabilia that kids just constantly want to increase their collections of toys. They even have created video games allowing kids who are playing video games to play on their consoles.

Star Wars is well known with most people. Individuals may not have seen each and every movie, or seen a couple of them. It is definitely one series that has made a lot of money to Lucas Films and now The Disney Corporation. The product sells and it started years ago and even some parents have seen the original.


Martin, J. N., & Nakayama, T. K. (2018). Intercultural Communication in Contexts (7th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.


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